Learn to master authentic Italian pasta making!

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Now then, ever wondered how to make your own pasta as you put your spaghetti on for the Bolognese? Or do you still think it grows on trees? Well, it doesn’t! And we can’t wait to host Lorna Dunhill’s cookery workshop at Linear London showroom just to find out how! Simona Fabrizio, Italian Chef extraordinaire (or should I say straordinario?!) tutor and passionate food blogger is coming to visit for a two day workshop on the 6th and 7th May 2015 from 10.30-14.00. Simona lives and works from Umbria, Italy and writes about her life and love of Italian food in her widely acclaimed blog (rough translation: “a feast in your home”- sounds good to me.) From her base near Orvieto she works as a cookery writer and sommelier and we are delighted to welcome her to Linear London to bring a bit of Italian sunshine with her! The menu for each day will include making fresh pasta and classic sauces, a spring risotto and an Italian dessert. If this sounds like your bag, or a bag for your husband who needs improvement, your teenager about to leave for university, or your nanny who quite frankly just needs a cooking lesson full stop, then call Lorna on 020 86753605 or to book your place. A mere snip at £40 per person, which includes a glass of wine, to ease your anxieties away!

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