Our Superwoman

Well, here at Linear London we all depend on our Superwoman, Olivia. She knows where everything is, who everyone is and what to do next. In short, we’d be lost without her. When are those Italian tiles going to be delivered? Check. When is that kitchen due to be finished? Check. Who ordered that extra tap? Check. You want to know? Olivia has the answer. Well, it may then come as a surprise to you that we are not to be all and end all her existence…I know, can you believe it? Much as she eats, breathes and (maybe not) dreams kitchens we are not her overriding passion… That pleasure is reversed for acting & performing. Yes, when she is not with us and we are avidly waiting her return, she is elsewhere, acting, performing and doing theatre workshops with both young and old people alike. We know of course that we are biased but we are very proud of her talent and skills and think that we should broadcast that just a little bit more...Watch her in action (from 5.38) at a Magdala Opera Workshop in Nottingham, bringing young and old together in this heart warming clip which was on local Nottingham news. It’ll warm your cockles. Way to go Olivia. We know one day we’ll see your name in lights!

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