Written by Linear London

“Terminal 5!"

“No I think it’s terminal 3" "Are you sure I would have sworn it was terminal 5" Yes that is how Abdi and Francis started their trip to Germany. Thankfully this was the only hiccup they encountered on their way to this year ALNO convention.

And the new ALNO collections made the trip worth it!

The guys were lucky enough to get out of the office for a few days and acclimate themselves with the 2016 ALNO range. They were treated to a big welcome dinner and drinks in preparation to what the next day had in store for them. Abdi came back with rave reviews and a new, inspired perspective. ALNO has really focused in on tailoring kitchens to fit the needs of individuals and added amazing new internal gadgets.

Abdi said “ALNO has really made sure the finish and colors of this 2016 range focuses on improving the aesthetic and overall appeal of the kitchen.” As a designer Abdi felt as though ALNO has pushed him and motivated him to really drive his design concepts to do things even ALNO was not able to do this time around. However, for a designer it will be great to work with a range that makes customisation and individualisation possible. This sensational new range will be available to all by this December.

ALNO is a truly renowned and internationally acclaimed German kitchen designer. ALNO kitchens mean high-end materials, bespoke lines and quality that lasts. Linear designers have been working with ALNO for years now and they make sure to be on top of the latests design concepts. Thanks to that our clients will get only the best!

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