Written by Linear London

Party time!

Thursday night Linear London hosted a night out in our Balham showroom complete with wine tasting, goat cheese and bread samples. Our guests included architects, designers, kitchen brands reps and of course, happy customers. I think it’s safe to say those in attendance enjoyed themselves. We love hosting our customers and partners and having a good time!

It is what great kitchens are for, isn't it?

Kitchens are indeed the center of the social life of our homes and the background to a happy family life. That's why their design, appliances and quality are so important! There is nothing better than a tasting a delicious hors d'oeuvre in the stylish setting, or sipping a great red admiring the smooth surface of a natural stone countertops. Both in our work and in the social events we host we believe in quality.

When you're thinking of a new kitchen for your home, there are plenty of questions you need to answer. What layout do you want, which style do you prefer and what budget do you intend to invest? If you find yourself lost, our designers will gladly help you with all that! Because we not only know how to entertain in a kitchen, we also know how to build them! If you want to find out more contact us, or follow us for news on our next events! 



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