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Finally, time for a new kitchen! 

You chose your worktops, your layout and your appliances. Even the lighting and colour palette. But there it is, one of the great kitchen design dilemmas – the floor. Parquet or tiles, wood or porcelain? You want the style, you want the homey feel – but let’s face it – kitchen is a working space! You must treat it as such – with a cool head. We need to look at all the aspects that will work for you, not against you:

Practicality, durability, comfort, choices and prices.

It is simple. Porcelain is easier to maintain. It resists higher spillage risk, given all the cooking and entertaining (we need to do our kitchen talk over wine somewhere, don’t we?). Porcelain tiles will resist even certain corrosives like lemon juice! You need not worry about stains and water rings. Porcelain definitely wins practicality points.

Practicality leads to durability. Porcelain sustains less damage over time. It will not change or discolour. Unleash your stiletto heels, free furniture casters and you still will be able to enjoy dent-free flooring. Walk back and forth endlessly without leaving traces or creating wear! Porcelain tiles create design that wows and lasts.

Porcelain is no doubt the best conductor for heat. It creates even warm spread from your radiators. What is more it is definitely a lot less hassle to install underfloor heating under porcelain tiles than under wooden panels. So paradoxically, cool to touch, elegant tiles will leave your home feeling snug and warm easily.

Modern porcelain tiles mean endless palette of colours to choose from. All possible shades of timber are just the beginning. You will also have whites, greys, charcoal blacks or even greens, yellows and reds to choose from. Into odd shapes and sizes? Check! In search of large formats, herringbones, parquets, or simple panels? Porcelain has got it all! Definitely, its versatility is a huge plus.

All details taken into account tiles provide better value for money. Many tile brands are less expensive than wood. What is more, if you consider the aspects mentioned above, especially their practicality and durability, porcelain tiles turn out to be a much more economical choice.

What is more, porcelain can pretend to be anything wood. Can wood do it the other way around? We did not think so! So, if you are after a stylish and fuss-free kitchen flooring choice go for the tiles. 

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