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Industrial means commercial, lofty and grand-scale.

Industrial interior has been a strong trend for a while and it is here to stay! And why wouldn’t it? The meeting of the hard and the soft, the eclecticism and its unique accessories are what style-lovers, well, truly love! The practical question is though - how to bring industrial epicness and grandeur to our, not nearly as epic kitchens?

Our designers have tips for you!

Incorporate statement pieces
Industrial style can easily become overbearing. Whilst used in spacious interiors like restaurants or co-working offices it works, but in small flats, it crowds. Nevertheless, when we incorporate statement design elements in a smaller kitchen, we create an industrial feel without compromising functionality. While reclaimed wood panels might be dependent on scale, smaller decorative elements can take your kitchen to the industrial level painlessly. Try worn-out metal lampshades or wired light bulb lights, reclaimed wood shelving or vintage stools. Copper utensils, black steel faucets or even aged decorative cases might also do the trick!

Maximize your surfaces
Even in a smaller kitchen, you can maximize your space. After all, with industrial, you must be daring! Large format tiles for your walls and floors will create an illusion of space. For your floor go for the dark wood effect tiles or parquet effect tiles. They would bring warmth into your new kitchen, effectively breaking its rough character. Alternatively, go for the concrete effect tiles creating the truly commercial feel and soften it up with decorative details, such us urban motif splashbacks, New York metro tiles, or exposed brick-effect panels. Stainless steel or natural stone worktops tie up the contrasts.

Say it with appliances
Industrial appliances should look dated and imposing at the same time. Stainless steel finishes give the impression of sturdiness and functionality, and vintage design adds a timeless feel. Great examples are range cookers with gas hobs and plenty of drawers, metallic coffee makers with a multitude of knobs and pipes, or simply stainless steel fridges. For a smaller touch, try a metallic toaster or kettle with urban character, or a statement exposed sink designed in a rusty palette.

Don’t forget about the contrasts
New and old, soft and hard, light and dark. Even though, the steels, greys and timbers of the industrial kitchens seem like an obvious foundation, do not shy away from incorporating daring colours into your interior. Contrast is the essence. Saturated dark hues opposing white surfaces create a perfect industrial kitchen palette. Rusty reds, deep browns, charcoal blacks differentiate industrial design style from any other kitchen designs on the market.

With industrial kitchens it is all about bold design choices, even if it is not in their size!
Incorporate our tips for your daring industrial interior.
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