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Living in London, chances are, you probably recycle...

Maybe you also try to go easy on plastic bags and do not litter in the park. Maybe you also purchase ecological cleaning products and use a bike to get to work. But when you build or renovate your house all you think about is immediate cost and immediate effect. And what about the long-term cost and overall sustainability?

Can we go green with design?

Of course! First, hold on to your water! Best bathroom brassware manufacturers always provide clients with water saving options. Be it flow regulators for regular taps, air-injected showers or innovative basin mixers. Our main three providers have a great selection of environment-friendly solutions.

This UK company is known for their European team of designers. What is more, Crosswater manufacturers are well aware of the fact that saving energy by saving water is an essential issue for many homeowners, firms, organizations and governmental institutions alike. All Crosswater products are labelled in accordance with European Water certification. It means that they meet the compliance criteria for water saving and usage. What is more, this brand offers a selection of water saving flow regulators for different sizes of basins, hand showers or fixed shower heads. All priced conveniently at under £7.

This renowned British brand is dedicated to deliver products that work to minimise environmental damage. Their flagship sustainability product, ECoH2O flow regulator, controls the flow of water to taps and shower without hampering the effectiveness or design of the product. The manufacturer specifies that thanks to ECoH2O regulator an average household can save up to £360 on utility bills per year! In commercial usage, the savings are even greater, like in the case of The Marriott Hotel that saved almost 41,000 litres of water just in one hotel. VADO flow regulators can be fitted onto every VADO tap or shower. Also, the company actively reduces their carbon footprint for which they has been awarded with Green Achiever in 2008. Other green products by VADO are atmosphere air injected showers and i-tech infra-red mono basin mixers.

Italian high-end bathroom manufacturer Zucchetti.KOS is famous for innovation, design and quality. But their work is also rooted in sustainability. Faraway is their first comprehensive, all-inclusive bathroom collection, based on patented product types that save energy and water. HIM is another line with sustainability at its heart: its no-frills design enabled a significant reduction in the use of metal and the cascade jet, managed and controlled by dedicated devices, provides constant water savings while ensuring ease of use. Not to mention ISY, a line that won Green Good award in 2011. To manufacture Isy 50% less metal than traditional taps is used; thanks to a reduced cartridge the water flow is from 30% to 60% lower than standard values, but however ensures a full and comfortable jet. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable material, for a minimal impact on the environment.

Saving water can be stylish. Contact our designers for more!

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