Classic Kitchens

Classic kitchens where tradition meets functionality

Linear London classic kitchens reflect the heritage and character of simpler times

Established designs, regal elegance and beauty of nature are key characteristics of classic kitchens. Traditional fixtures and fittings give a familiar feel. Warm and cosy classic interiors incorporate elements of oak and have light washed colour palette - beige, off-white, light grey and pastels. Accessories can be steel, Pewter or Brass depending on how updated the classic design may be. From lavish Chateau to stylish Country House, classic kitchens stand out with their doors; Shaker and Farmhouse with decorative handles and knobs. Retro appliances and rustic decor complete the traditional look.

Linear classic kitchens are designed by ultimate high-end kitchen brands: German Nolte, and Italian GD Arredamenti.


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